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Concrete Jungle Where DREAMS Are Made Of...

I know I haven't posted in forever long. I have been busy with school work since it is my final year in college.

Over the weekend I went to New York. I wish I had done more in NY. So much to do, so little time. I wanted to go to Patricia Field's store but that never happened. We ended up going to various stores & Mood!!!! We were able to meet KOOan from Project Runway!!! Below are pictures from the trip. Enjoy!!!



Sorry that I haven't posted much but its because I went to Jamaica, had to pack for school, and now I am back on campus trying to get things together. Hopefully this will be an awesome year so I can post some more looks for you guys!! Here are several pics from my trip to Jamaica:

flying over Cuba

The sun rising

Rose Hall/The Great House. The history behind this house is one to know and learn!!

They told me that if you take a picture of the mirror you will see something. Well, do you?

Jamaica's national flower

And was brave to go jet skiing and see the dolphins!!


21st Birthday Photoshoot

The pictures below are pictures are from the photoshoot I had on my actual birthday. There were many more pictures taken but these were the few that were my favorite!!


Had my own mini photoshoot......

I had my own mini photoshoot because I was sorting out clothes to give to Goodwill & to family in Jamaica. I also wore this in another photoshoot I did for my 21st birthday!! Hopefully pictures will come soon, but for now please enjoy these lol ;)


DIY Spiked Heels...

The shoes below are the Louboutin Un Bout spiked heels:




Below are my (very cheap) versions of the Louboutin. Minus the red sole ;). I bought the shoes at Burlington Coat Factory and the spikes were left over from a previous project. I got the spikes from

These shoes were worn in the previous post in my lookbook ;)


Work Attire

Avant Garde

These shoes are from Anastasia Radevich's "Lost Civilizations" collection. The shoes represent the past, the present, & the future.


It's Been Awhile....Missing Your Love...

 I know its been a while but I don't know who's love I'm missing but anyways this is what I was wearing last week to take a family friend out. I wore a Levis denim jacket with an embroidered black tank and a blue animal print maxi skirt.

*peep the little old me in the back*

You can hype this look along with others here:


Polly's Pancake Parlor

I'm not going to get into the story of the trip because it makes me mad just thinking about it but Polly's Pancake Parlor is a family owned business in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. Below are pictures of the drive to the parlor and waiting outside. I am a city girl but New Hampshire is a beautiful place, or at least of what I have seen.

Mountain views from the car

A wild horse named Star

My mom & I =)

Beautiful flowers

The family cat that likes to roam outside...