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Project Accessories

So I had these bamboo handles lying around so I thought why not use them already! I thought of making a beach bag since summer is on it's way. I used a ikat printed burlap fabric & linen for a lining. It took longer than usual to make this due to everyday other activities. However, it's finally done!! Below shows some of the process as well as the finished product.

You can see other pieces that I have done on my Instagram: @svf_designs


Never Be Someone's Something When You Can Be Someone's Everything...

Sorry for being on a 3 month hiatus. Things happen & you get carried away. Anyways, I recently went to Florida to attend my cousins wedding. Let's just say that the wedding was amazing. Her dress was beautiful! I made my dress to go to her wedding. Below are some photos: 

               The bridesmaids

                 The groomsmen

      The bride (my cousin) & the groom

        My Uncle & My Cousin

Me in the dress I made

XOXO hope you enjoyed it!!


The Greater The Love, The Greater The Chaos….

I know I haven't been on here for awhile…I have been busy working like crazy!! I can't wait when things calm down & I will have time for myself. This outfit I wore yesterday to work {I wore boots instead of wedges ;)} I am wearing an ombré sweater, a fur vest, and leggings with leather trim.

I kept my make-up simple: Covergirl Eyelights mascara & Marc Jacobs lip lacquer in Truth or Dare. In the pictures, it looks like Marc Jacobs Boom Boom (which i also have).



Something Out Of This World…..

I participated in a show called "Something Out Of This World", which was held this past Sunday at The Lantana. The show consisted of fashion, music, and hair. Of course I was part of the fashion ;-). I won't go into EVERY detail of the show but I did have three out of four of my garments in the show. And my infamous piece, the Persian Princess deep-v dress, opened up one of the fashion segments. I was able to show the Wild Beauty jumpsuit as well. I made two other dresses for the show: one of them was the dress version of the jumpsuit and the other was another deep-v dress with chain links. Sadly the dress with the links did not get put in the show but the other three did. Overall I can say that this was an experience; you live and you learn! Below are pictures from the show, enjoy!


The lobby of the Lantana

The Wild Beauty dress

My friend Johanna & I

Few of the models

My model & I

My model in the Persian Princess dress

Finally home after a LONG day.


OOTD: 10/4/2013

So I started a new job that is closer to home than my old one. (my previous job, Everything But Water, will still have a place in my heart.) I have been at this new job for about 4 weeks now and it is still something getting used to. Being new to the job i decided to buy myself this fur vest. I paired it with a black sheer printed top and black pants. I wore it to work on of those long days i was hoping to be over. You can see my happiness to be home.

Top: a.n.a. by JCPenney
Vest: Talbots
Pants: Leyla



Pre-Boston Fashion Week Event: Style It Up presents: Sew Together Networking Event

Now that I have graduated from college and actually have time, I decided to go to some Boston fashion Week events. For those of you who don't know, YES, Boston has a Fashion Week!! I went to a networking event before the official fashion week started and I had so much fun. The event was catered by the restaurant it was held in: Vlora. They had guest speaker Rosanna, president & founder of StyleWeek, as well as other speakers. I met a lot of wonderful people who own their own magazine and agency, designer representatives, as well as other designers. It was such a great event!

Boston Fashion Week has already started (September 27th to October 5th). If you are from Boston or the New England area, come to the events. Check out for the events throughout the week!