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It's Been Awhile....Missing Your Love...

 I know its been a while but I don't know who's love I'm missing but anyways this is what I was wearing last week to take a family friend out. I wore a Levis denim jacket with an embroidered black tank and a blue animal print maxi skirt.

*peep the little old me in the back*

You can hype this look along with others here:


Polly's Pancake Parlor

I'm not going to get into the story of the trip because it makes me mad just thinking about it but Polly's Pancake Parlor is a family owned business in Sugar Hill, New Hampshire. Below are pictures of the drive to the parlor and waiting outside. I am a city girl but New Hampshire is a beautiful place, or at least of what I have seen.

Mountain views from the car

A wild horse named Star

My mom & I =)

Beautiful flowers

The family cat that likes to roam outside...

Out Of The Ordinary...

I love the outrageous things in life especially when it come to FASHION!!!! I went to Sephora and bought lipstick that was out of the ordinary for me but I love it! The lighter pink is called Heartbreaker and its the Sephora Rouge Shine Lipstick. The dark purple color is Bewitch Me in the Sephora Cream Lipstick. I usually stick to deep reds and purples but I wanted to try something new.

I also bought Paperself Eyelashes. I thought they were different than the usual fake eyelashes. They come in different styles and the style I got was Peacock. Don't know when and where I'm going to wear them but I still like them. Anytime I would enter Sephora and pass by the nail polish I would always see Betsey Johnson's scented nail polish and wonder does it really smell like her Too Too fragrance. So I took a chance and bought it, put it on, and my nails started to smell like her fragrance once it started to dry. You guys should have seen my reaction, too excited! I thought the scent would disappear after awhile but it literally lasted forever: until I took it off. ;0) I suggest to get it!


Peacock: Auspicious and Lucky Days

Bewitch Me


Jeffery Campbell

I wish I can have all these shoes by JC. My goal this summer is to get at least one pair before I go back to school in the fall.

One day my friend & I were exploring Cambridge & a store that we went into had Jeffery Campbell & they were my size!!! I was so excited! Then I realized that the details that were on it were falling apart, which made me mad. However, I am destined to buy myself a pair.