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Project Accessories

So I had these bamboo handles lying around so I thought why not use them already! I thought of making a beach bag since summer is on it's way. I used a ikat printed burlap fabric & linen for a lining. It took longer than usual to make this due to everyday other activities. However, it's finally done!! Below shows some of the process as well as the finished product.

You can see other pieces that I have done on my Instagram: @svf_designs


Never Be Someone's Something When You Can Be Someone's Everything...

Sorry for being on a 3 month hiatus. Things happen & you get carried away. Anyways, I recently went to Florida to attend my cousins wedding. Let's just say that the wedding was amazing. Her dress was beautiful! I made my dress to go to her wedding. Below are some photos: 

               The bridesmaids

                 The groomsmen

      The bride (my cousin) & the groom

        My Uncle & My Cousin

Me in the dress I made

XOXO hope you enjoyed it!!