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So I finally got my hair done yesterday by my friend and I'm happy with it. Hopefully i have the patience to have this in. The last time i had braids was back in the 2nd grade & now I'm in college. Now on a thursday night, people usually go out to party....but I stayed in because I have had a long day and tooooo lazy to do anything....but take pics with my webcam. Enjoy!! =)


D.I.Y. Spiked Blazer

Yesterday between class breaks I was bored so I started working on the blazer that I got from the thrift store and added spikes to the pockets. I wanted to add some to spikes to the collar but I didn't have enough and I only have 1 1/8in. tree spikes but i would be afraid to scratch myself lol ;)

Before... pocket...


(the other pocket)


Lace x Velvet x Birthday...

So yesterday was my best friends birthday & this is what I wore to celebrate with her and our other friend. Yesterday was sooooooooo much fun! We went to Applebee's and our waiter was cute LOL. The funny thing was that he was flirting with us and we were flirting back & we asked if we can take pics with him. If you think thats weird, then you should have been there because it was HILARIOUS!!!

Chat To Me ;)

A closer look of what I had on...:

My Melody Ehsani Crane earrings made its debut yesterday ;)


What I Have Been Anticipating!!!!

 I was anticipating these packages for a while now. I ordered some spikes from I have always wanted to get some spikes and studs just to do damage. And now I have the chance LOL!!!! If you ever want to spike or stud anything, just go to the website above.

Another package I was anticipating was my Melody Ehsani jewelry. Her jewelry has been on people like Keri Hilson, Lauryn Hill, Nicki Minaj, and many more. I wanted to buy all of her jewelry but being a broke college student I couldn't , so I bought the Crane earrings. These earrings were seen in Nicki Minaj's video for 'Massive Attack' but hers are 1" bigger. You can find jewelry like this and more at



This is what I wore last night to the 2012 First Night Boston and even though i lived in Boston all my life it was my first time going. My night was ok. Spent it with my friend & her boyfriend & later on his friends so I was a 3rd wheel and then upgraded to 5th exciting!!!!! -_______- Im all for the coupling and events but it was just awkward with me being around but its whatever. Anyways, hope you guys had a better time than I did.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!.......again ;) lol