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The Swaggatory: Khleo - Lights Out (Video)

The Swaggatory: Khleo - Lights Out (Video): "The next video from Khleo off his Next Episode mixtape."

i like this song!!! & i hope you do too!!!


So during winter break I made a necklace. I was soo excited to make this because I like making things & being happy that I created it(don't mind the notebook). The following pictures are the item that i used:

I did not use the cameo in my necklace project however it will be used on a future project.....when one come to mind lol ;0).
With these pieces used (except for the cameo) I came up with this:


HAVE NO SHAME...........

These are some pieces by Shea Curry who makes Shameless Jewelry. <-----Click on the link to see more of her wonderful pieces.

Winter Break...

Hello again everyone!! Winter Break is now over and I am back at school to be on that educational grind. I just wanted to post some pictures of some of the new things I bought over break. I bought some shoes, jewlry, and of course clothes. I actually bought a clothing item out of Forever 21.

For some of you, you guys are like whatever. For people that know me they know that I do not like Forever 21 because I thought they didn't have clothing that could fit me except for their Forever 21 Plus line which is no where near me. I was sort of interested in getting these mini skirts so i tried one on one time and I liked it but didn't buy it because I had no money =(. But when I went on my adventure I went into the new Forever 21 the mall had and I found a skirt and i actually bought it. Anytime I am in Forever 21 I usually buy their jewelry but now I know I could buy more than that if I wanted to. Sadly I do not have a picyure of the skirt but I do have pictures of the other item I bought. Hope you enjoy them. =)

(the above following are jewelry pieces i got at forever 21)

(i am so happy i got these shoes =D)

*I hope everyone had a wonderful break*



This 13th sign makes no sense to me whatsoever!!! If the astrologers never used this 13th sign before, why use it now? This is one of the stupid things I have heard of the new year. I see this zodiac change very pointless and useless.

sooo admirable.....

dreamin....of being backsatge....

When I am sitting alone, I always think about life and my future. Hopefully my future will consist of being backstage of any fashion show but mainly my show. I always wonder if it will be successful as other fashion designers. So since I am still in college I will continue on with my dream and become successful as i want to be.

p.s.: hope your dreams come true too...

"When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do........."

Do What You Want To Do....


Ambition Over Adversity....

D.I.Y. Inspiration

This bustier and clutch are great visuals to make something on your own...



I hate crocs so much!! I hate how they look. they look distubing & what also looks disturbing is when the whole family: mom, dad, brother, sister, and baby are wearing the like there is no tomorrow. I don't care how comfortable they are; they look like crap!!

*That was me ranting on croc shoes. To add on to that note: i will never buy one or wear one in my life!!