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Had my own mini photoshoot......

I had my own mini photoshoot because I was sorting out clothes to give to Goodwill & to family in Jamaica. I also wore this in another photoshoot I did for my 21st birthday!! Hopefully pictures will come soon, but for now please enjoy these lol ;)


DIY Spiked Heels...

The shoes below are the Louboutin Un Bout spiked heels:




Below are my (very cheap) versions of the Louboutin. Minus the red sole ;). I bought the shoes at Burlington Coat Factory and the spikes were left over from a previous project. I got the spikes from

These shoes were worn in the previous post in my lookbook ;)


Work Attire

Avant Garde

These shoes are from Anastasia Radevich's "Lost Civilizations" collection. The shoes represent the past, the present, & the future.