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Showstopper Fashion Show

Tonight was amazing after all the stress and nervousness. This was my first time doing the school fashion show and it wasn't all that bad and I even modeled one of my dresses that I made. Next year it will be bigger and better. below are some personal pics from the show!!

Me with one of my models

My friend (a fellow designer herself) & I after the show

My friend, one of my models, and myself


My First Celtics Game!!!!

So this past Wednesday was my FIRST Celtics Game...EVER!!! They were playing against the Atlanta Hawks. However the night before they were playing against the Miami Heat and won!! So their energy was most likely not the same as the night before. In all honesty as a true bostonian, they could have done better but I am happy that they won especially since it was my first game!

These are the products I used to do my make-up that night. I had used the gold eyeshadow from the Cover Girl pallete. I also used black smoky eyeliner from Sephora, Fashion Fair Covertone, and the green mascara from Tokidoki.

I was just happy with the night overall especially getting free stuff LOL! Who doesn't like free things. This was something to put in the books. =)


What Have I Done....

I'm not sure if I told you guys that I'm doing my school's fashion show, but I am. And I'm NERVOUS!!!!!!!! I'm putting in three pieces because it was a short notice and on top of that I'm walking. YES, I'm modeling a dress that i made in my Draping class and I'm going to wear these pair of heels that I ordered from Bakers. I can't wait for the show! I'm so excited and nervous at the same time and its only 20 days away!!!!
I also wen into Sephora, because I was bored and wanted to shop and I bought a headband and the Red Glitteratti Violent Lips. They are temporary lip tattoos. Sephora only has the glitter lips but if you go onto they have tutorials and more selections. I can't wait to put them on and they were on sale at Sephora. Now who can pass up a good sale?

Green Envy.....!!!

So this wednesday coming up I am going to my first Celtics game ever in life! Even though I am not a HUGE sports fanatic, I am still excited to go to this game. I decided to find green mascara for the hype and do my make-up slightly intense just for the hype of the night.
The mascara that I bought was Tokidoki's Punk Lash Mascara in Mad Rocker. Their mascara also comes in purple, blue, and the traditional black. I got this at Sephora for $18. To me that's not bad compared to the $32 green mascara I also saw.

Would you rock mascara in any color other than black?