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SOOO MANY PRINTS & STUDS!!!!!!!!! I caught jungle fever from looking @ these pictures & i want the clothes soo bad. I dont want to wish bad upon you, but i hope you caught jungle fever too lol ;o)


Patna let me UPGRADE you

So everyone should know that Christian Siriano, a winner from Project Runway from a past season, designed shoes for Payless. These ones below I swear are an upgrade to the ones they sell under their label & the ones that he had from before. Dont get me wrong the shoes that he did for Payless in the past were great, but these ones give a SHOEGASM!!! I definetly look forward to future designs for Payless under his name. If you didnt get one then there is something wrong with you...jk. Sereiously though, get to loving them!!! =D


Welcome to SHOEVILLE

The title should explain itself. I know some of youwant these shoes in your closet. Of course I do. Sorry for the lateness but college got me goin crazy LOL ;o). Enjoy the following pictures of the shoes I want in my closet.


Fierceness Alert: Willow Smith

This young phenomenon is not your average nine year old. She just put out a single called 'Whip My Hair' & has been in a few movies. So i decided to listen to the song & research how she dresses. All I can say is that she is one of a kind. I wish I was part of her family because the Smiths let their children do what they want. Jada let Willow have her hair cut like that. When I was her age, that hairstyle would have never gotten a second look from my mother. The WHOLE Smith family is amazing & cool. Hopefully in the future, my future family could be like them.

**Don't forget to check out her single 'Whip My Hair'!!!! =D**


I'M BACK!!!! =)

Well, I have been back from my trip for about a week. I can say that I had fun & finally got to meet family members I never met before. But probably next time I might stay in a hotel. *I doubt that you people know but I'm half Jamaican so therefore I stayed with family*

Anyways, before I left for Jamaica I wanted to come back with a vengence with the post. But since I am slacking & I have  a sense I will be slacking in the future (blame college not me) I will put up these pics of Chanel & other pieces. Enjoy & kisses *muah*!! =*

(the childhood just follows you where ever you go =))

(jimmy choo)

(sergio rossi crystal cage bootie)