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Look Into My Eyes....

I love the make-up that I did the other day.....No, I wasn't going anywhere, its just that BOREDOM KILLS and I didn't feel like unpacking...oh well

I used the gold eyeshadow in the CoverGirl EyeLights eyeshadow palette and the I used L 'Oreal H.I.P. High Intensity Pigment Color Truth Cream Eyeliner in Teal.


So the other day after work I went thrifting with my mother and i found some of the greatest things. One of them was an Oscar De LaRenta black and white floral robe, which i might turn into  tunic because of the way it fits ;). I was so happy that I bought all those things.

{the birds were not included in the thrifting}

 There were other little things that I bought because I wanted to make a hairpiece*thats what the birds are for* lol

New Jewels added....

I have bought more jewelry as i can never get away lol!!!!

{a little something i made ;) sadly i lost the other earring ;(}

{sunglasses i bought from the store I work at}


Nicholas Kirkwood x Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring

Nicholas Kirkwood + Keith Haring

This is just Pure Dopery!!!


I feel like I am going to be obsessed with wedges with summer. When I got my first paycheck I bought a pair of Christian Siriano for Payless wedges and I am happy that I bought them becuase i love them. I wish I can have.....& afford the following wedges because they are so dope!!

Alejandro Ingelmo Fall 2011

Alejandro Ingelmo Fall 2011

Alejandro Ingelmo Fall 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011

Alexander McQueen Fall 2011

Andreia Chaves

Camilla Skovgaard

Cesare Paciotti Fall 2009

Diego Dolcini Fall 2011

Heyy There

I know that I have promised to be back on here but with school & family/friend deaths it seems to be impossible to post things....well let me catch you guys up on what I have been doing for a month---->pretty much trying to focus on school and finals. I don't know if I have mentioned but my friends aunt passed away a month and a half ago from cancer. So my mood with a lot of things werent right and the whole nine. But now I feel fine and ready for this summer. I have a job so i will be working. And I know I have been SLACKING but i will try to get my permit this summer. I will also try to do more outfit uploads....i just need a place to go lol.

Anyways, I hope eveyone is well and I hope that you enjoy my future posts!!!