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Before The New Year.....

Also yesterday I got my cartilage pierced in Cambridge at Chameleon Tattoo & Piercing. I went to them to get my first tattoo and so I trusted them with getting this piercing. I guess this will be my new place for piercings and tattoos. Hopefully I can get my tragus pierced on both ears and my other cartilage. Then I will be done in terms for piercings ;0).

Anyways, I wish everyone the best while ringing in and during the New Year. Tonight I will be going out with friends into downtown Boston to see the ice sculptures and fireworks. If you guys go out to drink, DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Other than that.....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Oooooooh La La La La La

I bought this Fashion Fair Cover Tone cream for my dark circles. My dark circles are more genetics than lack of sleep. 

I got this little purse at a thrift store. Today I ordered spikes from and so I can revamp  it. I also got a blazer from the thrift store which is in the bag in the picture. I also want to revamp it with the spikes i ordered but i will see ;0)

This is new jewelry I bought at So Good jewelry downtown Boston. To me the store in expensive for no reason but when i went with my friends yesterday they were having a storewide sale for 50%. So I will be wearing these tonight for New Years!!


Merry Christmas!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! I hope everyone's day was as FANTASTIC as they wanted it to be!! I just wanted to share with you the gifts I got for Christmas:

The ELLEments of Personal Style

This ornament is an angel & it has my initials...SVF monogrammed on it. speaks for itself lol

A Hello Kitty photo holder

A figurine of a girl holding a bird

A Bath & Body Works package that contains: perfume, shower gel, & body lotion in the scent Be Enchanted, Mistle-Toes lounge socks, and 4 lipgloss (1 in Mentha lip shine & the other three in Girls Night Out Fruit Cocktail)

This is a tree jewelry holder that I won at a Christmas Eve Party that my bestie invited me too with her family. In the end I had to take it away from her because out of the two of us I have the most jewelry. My friends always say that I have enough jewelry to open up a store hahhahaa......maybe soo but regardless I love jewelry!!

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and got everything they wanted. If not, there's always a next time lol! =) 


Slick by Khleo Thomas

I guess you can say i have been somewhat infatuated with Khleo for awhile but i just don't show it as much ;). Not only do I like his music but his personality...idk, everything about him is just uuunnnnffff!!! LoL

Anyways you can check out his new video for his single Slick and get ready for the FREE ALBUM Dec. 23rd!!! Enjoy the video!! =)


I Had Nothing Better To Do...

One day before work I decided to go shopping. Of course there is nothing wrong with going shopping but I am the typical broke college student, therefore there is no need to spend money but I am also a fashion major so I couldn't help myself. Here are a few things that I bought:

It looks pink in the picture but its actually a dark red. Its called Napa Valley.

i've been waiting for these to go on sale and they finally were!!

peacock earrings

Its In The Making......

 This is an outfit that I wore to work one day and I finally wore the wedges that I bought. I also wore a pair of pants that I made with fabric someone gave me. That day was the first time wearing it. I can add these pants to my collection.... ;0P

one of my favorite statement rings (even though they are all my favorite lol)

close up of the pants

my new wedges


Adding On To My Life....

When I went into Sephora and saw that the Hello Kitty brush set was on sale, I was skeptical about buying it because I know it was $49 and i thought that it was a mistake. But there was NO mistake =)!!! It was on sale for $25 dollars and you damn well know i got it; not only was it on sale but also because it's Hello Kitty DUH!!!! For my class I bought fabric and a few appliqu├ęs that I might want to put on my dress that I'm making. If it comes out the way I want it to I will post pics =)

Hello Kitty Limited Edition Graffiti

Appliques that may be applied to my dress that I'm making in class.



Just a few new pieces i got before the Black Friday weekend...

New boots from Payless

New wedges from Bakers


I Wore IT Again....

So several weeks ago I wore my blazer for the second time!! It was the second time I wore Alice + Olivia sequined flats and since they cinch  in the back, it hurt so bad. I thought it wouldn't hurt & even if it did I wasn't thinking that bad. But I guess beauty hurts lol ;)