Something Out Of This World…..

I participated in a show called "Something Out Of This World", which was held this past Sunday at The Lantana. The show consisted of fashion, music, and hair. Of course I was part of the fashion ;-). I won't go into EVERY detail of the show but I did have three out of four of my garments in the show. And my infamous piece, the Persian Princess deep-v dress, opened up one of the fashion segments. I was able to show the Wild Beauty jumpsuit as well. I made two other dresses for the show: one of them was the dress version of the jumpsuit and the other was another deep-v dress with chain links. Sadly the dress with the links did not get put in the show but the other three did. Overall I can say that this was an experience; you live and you learn! Below are pictures from the show, enjoy!


The lobby of the Lantana

The Wild Beauty dress

My friend Johanna & I

Few of the models

My model & I

My model in the Persian Princess dress

Finally home after a LONG day.

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