My Personal Gems

You remeber when I posted something about Owl jewelry being the 'IT' thing & everywhere I went I saw something with an owl & yada yada yada. Well, my friend Mickey & I went to the mall down the street from our school & we went to Claires because I had a coupon from them when I pierced my ears for a second time. Anyways, I found amazing things, to my surprise an owl ring. They also had a snake bracelet that I wanted but I will get that later on. Below are the pictures of the jewelry I got at Claires & Forever 21(another store i dont shop at unless its jewelry). Sorry if the pictures look orange By the way, I also got earrings  but forgot to take pictures of them...oh well. Enjoy!!!!
(I got this @ Claires!!)

(I also got these @ Claires too)

(my new bunny rabbit necklace I got @ Forever 21)
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