Winter Break...

Hello again everyone!! Winter Break is now over and I am back at school to be on that educational grind. I just wanted to post some pictures of some of the new things I bought over break. I bought some shoes, jewlry, and of course clothes. I actually bought a clothing item out of Forever 21.

For some of you, you guys are like whatever. For people that know me they know that I do not like Forever 21 because I thought they didn't have clothing that could fit me except for their Forever 21 Plus line which is no where near me. I was sort of interested in getting these mini skirts so i tried one on one time and I liked it but didn't buy it because I had no money =(. But when I went on my adventure I went into the new Forever 21 the mall had and I found a skirt and i actually bought it. Anytime I am in Forever 21 I usually buy their jewelry but now I know I could buy more than that if I wanted to. Sadly I do not have a picyure of the skirt but I do have pictures of the other item I bought. Hope you enjoy them. =)

(the above following are jewelry pieces i got at forever 21)

(i am so happy i got these shoes =D)

*I hope everyone had a wonderful break*
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