Merry Christmas!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!! I hope everyone's day was as FANTASTIC as they wanted it to be!! I just wanted to share with you the gifts I got for Christmas:

The ELLEments of Personal Style

This ornament is an angel & it has my initials...SVF monogrammed on it. speaks for itself lol

A Hello Kitty photo holder

A figurine of a girl holding a bird

A Bath & Body Works package that contains: perfume, shower gel, & body lotion in the scent Be Enchanted, Mistle-Toes lounge socks, and 4 lipgloss (1 in Mentha lip shine & the other three in Girls Night Out Fruit Cocktail)

This is a tree jewelry holder that I won at a Christmas Eve Party that my bestie invited me too with her family. In the end I had to take it away from her because out of the two of us I have the most jewelry. My friends always say that I have enough jewelry to open up a store hahhahaa......maybe soo but regardless I love jewelry!!

Anyways, I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and got everything they wanted. If not, there's always a next time lol! =) 

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