It's been HECTIC!!!!

I know it has been OVER a month since I posted something and it because I have been so busy. I had finals and I was working. Because the store was moving from one part of the mall to another, a lot of work needed to be done. The day that we were supposed to open, we opened late and people were getting angry. Then a week later we had our grand opening which was hectic and crowded but overall a great outcome. I am also taking 2 online courses to add on to my working schedule and I am pulling out my hair!! The classes aren't that bad: one is a regular history course and the other one is history of costume which means the history of fashion through the years dating back to the ancient world in 3,000 B.C.

Anyways, back to my job ;). For the grand opening we had people come in to make bracelets for free, models, and someone to put flowers in your hair. We also had people cater food and drinks. It was so much fun. But before the eventful day happened we received these BEAUTIFUL flowers! I quickly took a picture of them! Enjoy!

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