D.I.Y. DiVA's

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when these girls go ahead & do the damn thing with D.I.Y. They are so inspirational with their own designs & actually have the courage to wear it in public. Their products look like you can find them in the store when actually you can make them yourselves.

Two girls that do their own thing are Jennifer Le & Cherry Bomb of 2BitchezDeep. I love their blog. These girls know how to work it when it comes to D.I.Y. One of Jennifer Le's creation was an outfit made from sequins & a mesh top:

& another creaton was the awesome shoulder peice made from Frederick's of Hollywood diamond thong:

I'm really lovin both outfits!!

You can check out http://2bitchezdeep.blogspot.com/ to see their blog & try some of their D.I.Y.

Another D.I.Y. queen is Miss Flashy Stylista. Most of her D.I.Y. are on point and wonderful to make yourself:

(one of her creations that I thought was cute)

( really lovin these shoes)

(another pair of shoes I like)

You should check out her blog & some of her creations: http://flashystylista.blogspot.com/

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