Urban Music Festival

Hello Lovelies,

     So today was the Urban Music Festival by City Hall. All I knew that it was a free concert and a few people were performing. Did I mention it was a FREE concert?!?! Anyways the people that performed were MDot, who was a local rapper. I'm not gonna get started on this. There was also Ryan Leslie & Wiz Khalifa. I only went because I like Ryan Leslie & so did my friends. I thank my friend Marty for letting me know about this LOL =). Anyway we left after Ryan performed. To be honest, people were already going crazy with the weed & once Wiz Khalifa comes out they would've went BALISTIC!! So my friends & I left after Ryan performed. That was the first time I have been to a concert in my life.....& I'm only 19. Sad. I know.

Another band that did great was Bad Rabbits; i think thats who they were lol. All I kno is that 'rabbits' was in it. They sounded really good. I took TRILLION of photos but below are a few pics of the sexy Ryan Leslie performing. ENJOY!!! =) *muah*


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